What does it mean?

I made a painting which was about something. I wrote words on the painting. Basically, the words were about the same thing as the painting.
What does “Basically” mean here? I wrote down different stories which led me to making this painting. That text was about something, but a painting is not “about something” – it is an image.
There is some relationship between text and image.
What does it mean “Some”?
Perhaps there isn’t?
What if there is a non-relationship between text and image?
What does it mean?

* * *

The Glass

The glass gives [one] a sense of security
one silence – out there, there is noise the sounds of the city
two stability – there they move fast in some directions unknown to them
neither one nor two I have influence over I observe
here behind the glass almost everything is me; I can look more there,
or more somewhere else,
notice the elegant suits and the universally clerical pantsuits heels attaché cases and the contentually
mysterious black leather briefcases that when opened go click.
Or snap.
I will buy myself one some day
but what will I put in there? what mystery will I hide?
Here behind the glass almost everything is me.
Almost because the gaze of the girl from behind the bar and of every waiter bartender salesperson
worries [one] always;
perhaps I’ve been sitting for too long over my single coffee?
They ask sometimes anything else?
Yes, I will sit here another moment and look through the glass.

* * *


I wake up, I hear ships at Schelde
are they honking? howling? signaling their presence
they say I am
like the neighbour’s dog yapping
I’m not going to bite him.
People have faces and suits, cars
and business cards but they should play
each his own melody.
But it is difficult to play in one’s own soul I am such and not another
it is easier to roar, wail, bark, howl I am better
it seems to me this way sometimes but now I will occupy myself
with the dialectical materialism of my own pocket in the silence of the decision process
a bread roll or cigarettes?